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#FriFotos – The Power of #Three

By Kenin Bassart @Constantramble

This week’s #FriFotos is #Three. I really thought this would be a difficult one for us, but it turned out to be surprisingly easy, and fun. Apparently  three was more common in my surroundings (and my photographs) than I thought. Without further ado, here are TheConstantRambler’s #FriFotos.

Three tall brews after a bike ride in CO

Three tall brews after a bike ride in CO

Fish tacos are one of Kenin’s favorite foods. He could not resist ordering these after hiking one day in Colorado at a place called Chimayo. They turned out to be some of the best tacos he ever had outside of Mexico.

Three fish tacos...YUMMY!

Three fish tacos…YUMMY!

These little fishies were found on a nice walk through a park in downtown Seattle. Public art makes my heart smile.

little fishes :)

Three little fishes


Nothing in this world however, makes me smile more than doggies…nothing!!! Loved these lil guys hanging out at Global Pet Expo in Orlando Florida.

Just give me the treat and nobody gets hurt!

Just give me the treat and nobody gets hurt!

These angry pumpkins don’t look very tasty but were featured in a display at the St. Charles Scarecrow Festival. Imagine if the mars rover really stumbled across these guys


Angry pumpkins

Three angry pumpkins

My mom, Kenin and I posing for photos during Carnival in Trinidad in 2012. Perfect family bonding time.

Fierce masqueraders

Three fierce masqueraders

These three dolphins crested the surface in Tampa Bay. Never have I been able to capture them dancing and flipping like they seem to do in the movies.

Three dolphins on the Bay

Three dolphins on the Bay

These three heavenly beignets probably have about 3,000 calories and enough sugar to take down a small water buffalo (and they were soooo delicious).

Beignets at cafe Dumonde

Three beignets

These ladies were cutting the lawn at a Humayun’s Tomb a World Heritage site in India. They do it by hand to keep down pollution.

Women hand cutting the lawn

Three women hand cutting the lawn

Three little gators sharing a log and getting some sun. Please ignore the other 42 of them in the background since this week the #FriFotos theme is #Three.


Little gators sitting on a log

Three little gators sitting on a log

These are three shells we collected on a tour of Tarpon Springs, FL. We took a tour out to Anclote Key where you get off and “hunt” for shells.

Souvenirs from Anclote Key

Three souvenirs from Anclote Key

This week I am ending my post by coming full circle. Three nice brews just waiting to be tasted from the Cigar City Brewery! Takes a lot of will power to watch them sitting there, the glasses getting condensation, listening to the bubbles quietly popping as the foam goes down, while your husband fidgets with all 5 million settings on the camera….beer is calling!

Three hefty samples :D

Three hefty samples


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