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#FriFotos #Shadows of Our Past

By Kenin Bassart @Constantramble

This weeks #FriFotos theme was shadows. We’ve put together a series of photos from our travels and our lives where shadow plays an important role. Often shadows are cast as things of darkness and negativity, an absence of light. But as we see they can also be enriching, and give definition to our lives.

#FriFotos #Shadows

Our VW GTI casts it’s shadow as we drive on the open road

The beach is typically associated with eternal sunshine and brightness. Here, the shadows cast are a reprieve from the heat and allow us to enjoy the remains of the day.

#FriFotos #Shadow

The sun casts a shadow on the beach

#FriFotos #Shadows

Lauren Dancing in the Shadows

Animals use the shadows to take a break from the mid-day sun and rest. Predators can also often lurk in the shadows as they await their prey.

#FriFotos #Shadows

A tortoise escaping the sun’s heat

#FriFotos #shadows

Aligator in the shadows

#FriFotos #Shadows

A tiger at rest

Shadows can also highlight the extremity of certain scenarios and increase the feeling of solitude. There are times where the only things visible in a landscape are shadows of ourselves, or those created by Mother Earth.

#FriFotos #Shadows

My shadow looks back on the road just traveled

#FriFotos #Shadows

The sun highlights the frozen tundra, giving life to the land.

#FriFotos #Shadows of our Past

#FriFotos #Shadows

The shadows give depth to a barren Grand Canyon

At other times shadows serve a different purpose. They enhance the light and remind us of it’s greatness.

#FriFotos #Shadows - Giant Redwood

Here light illuminates the inside of a petrified Redwood tree.

#FriFotos #Shadows

Light reaches into this tunnel in San Francisco

#FriFotos #Shadows

People enjoying an afternoon stroll through a tunnel.

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