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#FriFotos – It’s #Electric Boogie Woogie, Woogie!

By Kenin Bassart @Constantramble

When I found out that the #FriFotos theme this week was #Electric, the first thing I did was think of one of my favorite cities, Vegas! Wait, no, that’s a lie. The first thing I really did was bounce in my chair and sing a horrible rendition of the Electric Boogie. You know some say it’s mystic, you can’t resist it, you can’t do without it, It’s ELECTRIC BOOGIE, WOOGIE, WOOGIE!… sorry, I couldn’t contain myself. I know it’s supposed to be #FriFotos, but why can’t it be #FriKaraoke too? Is that a thing? If not someone should make it a thing, it has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? #FriKaraoke, yeah that’s nice! Oh well I digress, now I’ve rambled on about the darned song I’ve been singing in my head since last Tuesday instead of talking about how cool these #electric (boogie woogie, woogie) photos are. Enough of my incessant rambling and on to the pictures!

#FriFotos - #Electric

This first pic is from Disney, we were playing with some of those neat little #electric kids lights that look like they should be sold at a rave not a kids theme park.

#FriFotos - #Electric - at Disney

Sticking with the whole theme park idea, this is a huge #electric guitar at Universal Studio’s City Walk in LA


I know the sign itself isn’t #electric, but this electric guitar outside of the Hard Rock in Las Vegas is pretty cool too!


Now that we’ve made it to Vegas, here are a few more shots of some pretty cool #electric things.



#electric Vegas





Once you’re in Nevada, you can’t forget Vegas’s little brother, RENO!





I would feel bad if I left out my other favorite, New Orleans, Sin City of the South.




Only in California is there a town called Weed…


This cool building was in Vancouver. I love it when they electrify architecture.


This is in the Gas Town area of Vancouver as well. Here, electric lights meet a steam-powered clock.


Let us not forget the most basic of electric things though, the light



To finish off this #electric post, I felt I had to include one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen that is caused by electricity, the Northern Lights.

100405 9745 EM

Since I went and got the song stuck in your head too, I decided to help you out by including the video. Make sure to sing along, just like karaoke. I’m telling you #FriKaraoke has gotta be a thing


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