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Friendship in Austria

By Coreyamaro

Friendship in Austria


Nearly five years ago

French Husband and I rode our motorcycle through part of Europe.

On that journey we met up with a blog reader of mine, Lieselotte and her husband Dieter.

Trip to Norway...

Meeting Liesolette the first time...


From Vienna we took the train to Admont...

Heidi happiness made dimples in my cheek.

Between Merisi's and Lieselotte's culinary skills I am going to be ten pounds heavier,

with dimples in places I cannot mention.



Friendship in Austria


Outside Lieselotte's kitchen window.


Friendship in Austria


Looking out the other kitchen window.


Color as if the rainbow took root and bloomed.

Color that makes me want to give up black.


In Austria Lieselotte's photo


Give up black?

Well... I guess that means I need to go shopping.

I have one red with white polka dotted dress, and red fingernails. 

That is a start.


Friendship in Austria


We rode a red train through the countryside.

It was so darn beautiful.

Green everywhere. Vibrant gree. Green that shouted SPRING!

Snow capped wonders.

Von Trapp's echoing constantly in my head. Lilacs galore. 

Austria makes my eyes pop out and my mouth drop open.

The countryside makes me want to climb mountains,

which means I am drugged by the beauty...

The mountains tempt me to wear hiking boots.

Hiking boots.

Austria is seducing me. Next I will be listening to Rosette Stone.


Friendship in Austria


                   The threesome I have been with these last few days.


Thank you blogging!! Without you I would have never met so many of you lovely people!!


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