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Friends with Kids.

By Zakialacey @zakialaceyblog
Friends with Kids.
I watched a really funny movie the other night called "Friends with Kids." It was hilarious; probably because it was full of the same cast members from Bridesmaids (I love that movie!) Anyway, to make a long story short two best friends decided to skip marriage and have a baby together so that they would avoid being miserable like their married friends with children. Of course the situation started out great, they were both great parents and still best friends with the freedom to date whoever they wanted to. This arrangement sounds awesome until somebody catches feelings right? The woman in the movie eventually expressed her love for her best friend; he rejected her but later begged her for another chance to take things to the next level. I knew this was going to happen the minute they decided to have a child with no commitment, someone would fall in love.
I have not seen this situation work yet. Unfortunately I don't know any "baby mamas" and "baby daddy's" who are great friends while taking care of their children and dating. There is always some type of drama! Usually it's caused by the bored baby mama who has nothing better to do than send dumb ass text messages to her child's father, but sometimes it's the dad who just can't let go. Either way, it usually doesn't work! I would honestly love to be friends with Zahara's biological dad. We were headed there but we both screwed that up...oh well. I know some people that are "cool" with the fathers/mothers of their children but none of them are actually FRIENDS. I do not think it is impossible to be friends, just difficult. 
Can a man and a woman with children who are no longer in a relationship still be friends?
I hope so.

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