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Fried Selar with Sambal

By Rumblingtummy @RumblingTummi
I don't really take whole small fish as I don't know how to handle the bones.  The situation worsen when I had an accident with a bone lodged inside my throat and the general practitioner had problem reaching for it.  In the end, I had to do it myself with his tools.  That experience was pretty traumatizing and I had phobia ever since.

Thus whenever I have such fish (which is rare), my hubby will be sweet enough to offer me the meater part of the fish.   Among the small fishes, I love Fried Selar with sambal.  I can never say no to it.  Then again, it is very wasteful as I only eat the tail and the back.  Luckily for me, my son and hubby are really good at eating fish.  They really know how to "clean" it up.

Saw many people buying Selar in the wet market and I too join in the crowd as I already know how I wanted to cook it.

Fried Selar with sambal

Do you like selar to be cooked this way?

What you need:

Selar, gutted and cleaned

Sambal belachan



After cleaning the fish, drain.

Rub salt on the fish.

Slit 2 slits on the body 

Fill the fish tummy with sambal belachan and add some in between the slits.

In a hot pan, add a few tablespoon of oil.

Add in fish and on medium heat, fried the fish until it is golden brown.

Turn over and do the same.

Serve with some lime.

Note: In order for the fish not to stick to the pan, you need to heat it up very well.  When smoke appear with oil added, the pan is ready to fry the fish.


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