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Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives (1986)

By Newguy

logoDirector: Tom McLoughlin

Writer: Tom McLoughlin (Screenplay)

Starring: Thom Mathews, Jennifer Cooke, David Kagen, Kerry Noonan, Renee Jones, Tom Fridley, C.J. Graham, Darcy DeMoss

Plot: Tommy Jarvis goes to the graveyard to get rid of Jason Voorhees’ body once and for all, but inadvertently brings him back to life instead. The newly revived killer once again seeks revenge, and Tommy may be the only one who can defeat him.

There may be spoilers the rest of the review

Verdict: The Slasher Continues

Story: Friday the 13th Part 6 Jason Lives starts with Tommy Jarvis (Mathews) escaping an institute to make sure Jason is dead, (Haven’t we seen this already?). Anyway while trying to prove Jason is dead, well he looks pretty much decomposed Tommy accidentally brings him back to life through a bolt of lightening deadlier than ever.

With Jason back on the lose the renamed Camp has been reopened with a group counsellors and kids ready for the summer. Tommy has to convince the Police officers that Jason is back before the body count becomes to large.

Friday the 13th Part 6 Jason Lives finally brings Jason back after the last outing not having Jason as the killer. While the film follows all the clichés of slasher horrors with wrong decision left right and center I can’t help but think this ticks most of the correct boxes. Where this film will come off short is not explaining what happened at the end of the last film, and how bad the decisions the cops make. You will enjoy this story if you like the slashers but don’t expect a classic. (6/10)

Actor Review

Thom Mathews: Tommy is back and trying to figure out whether Jason is dead once and for all but he accidentally brings Jason back to life himself. Now he must find a way to stop Jason from getting out of control before it is too late. Thom does a solid job in this role and improves on the last actors role. (6/10)

Jennifer Cooke: Megan one of the counsellors who just happens to be the daughter of the sheriff, she takes a shine to Tommy and has to be the one who has protect the kids once Jason appears. Jennifer does a solid job as the leading lady making all the bad decisions. (6/10)

Support Cast: Friday the 13th Part 6 Jason Lives has a supporting cast that includes the counsellors that are easy victims along with the cops who are just stupid.

Director Review: Tom McLoughlin Tom brings us a standard slasher that will be easy to watch without being stand out. (6/10)

Horror: Friday the 13th Part 6 Jason Lives works well for a slasher ticking all the boxes. (7/10)

Thriller: Friday the 13th Part 6 Jason Lives doesn’t really keep you guessing as you know what will happen by the end. (4/10)

Settings: Friday the 13th Part 6 Jason Lives keeps the setting around Crystal Lake even with a random new name. (8/10)

Suggestion: Friday the 13th Part 6 Jason Lives is one for all the slasher fans will enjoy. (Slasher Fans Watch)

Best Part: Bring the action back to Crystal Lake

Worst Part: No explanation about what happened at the end of 5.

Kill Of The Film: Camper van toilet.

Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: Yes

Post Credits Scene: No

Oscar Chances: No

Box Office: $19.5 Million

Budget: $3 Million

Runtime: 1 Hour 26 Minutes

Tagline: Evil always rises again.

Overall: Solid addition to the franchise.



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