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Friday's Freebie: Sunset! Saved the Best for Last!

By Kate_miller
Friday's Freebie: Sunset! Saved the Best for Last! I'm giving away a copy of the fabulous Sunset Gardening Book.
Devoted the whole of last night to packing. I'm heading out on a week long horseback trail ride tomorrow morning (at 4 a.m. Good Lord. Who's dumb idea was that...?) And it never ceases to amaze me just how much packing is involved when you travel with a horse. Saddles and blankets and bridles and hundreds of pounds of hay. Don't forget those carrots. Wouldn't kill ya to bring a bag of apples, too. Seeing as how I'm doing all the work and you're just sitting up there in the saddle...! {That's my horse speaking.}

Friday's Freebie: Sunset! Saved the Best for Last!

Sable, Phantom and Ginger. My riding friend & I have look alike Appaloosas!

It's so cute when you pack for a horse trip. They lean against the gate, excited... anxious to go. Not the slightest bit curious as to where we're going. It's off to Sedona, AZ for an ultra-civilized benefit trail ride. Have been working like a little fiend getting ready for this.
Taking care of everybody's needs first (why, oh why, do I do that?) So, now I can take care of me.
Friday's Freebie: Sunset! Saved the Best for Last!

And, while I'm gone......

I thought y'all might want to arm wrestle for The Ultimate Gardening Guide!

This week's Freebie is The {New} Sunset Western Garden Book...

... which tips the scales at about 10 pounds.
Sports thousands of gorgeous photos. A full encyclopedia of any and all flowers you could ever hope to grow.
Plus (be still my heart) great native plant info and tasty veggies that do well in our western soils.
Friday's Freebie: Sunset! Saved the Best for Last!
They should come up with some sort of Perennial Pulitzer Prize for books like this.  It's just that good.
Sunset gave me this book and I really should have kept it. Because there I go again! Give, give, give. Why am I such a giver? But, I digress...
Sunset gave me this fab book to read and review. I give it 2 thumbs up and now I'm giving it to you.
Friday's Freebie: Sunset! Saved the Best for Last!

But, ya gotta work for it...... leave a comment and DIVULGE.
What's the one garden flower that you simply cannot live without? Leave it in a comment. Bonus points for telling us why. Triple bonus points for Latin! (the scientific flower name) For instance, I love Baby's Breath but the Latin name is Gypsophila paniculata.
The New Sunset Western Garden Book:
  • Get plant ideas for any type of garden.
  • Ultra-helpful tips on making the most of a micro-climate.
  • Details on heirloom veggies and how to improve your harvest.
  • Plus, some very cool garden projects.
And - Sunset has also launched a new Plant Finder Database which is very cool. Click here to check it out.
See ya in a week.

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