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Friday's Freebie: BHG's Orchid Manual

By Kate_miller

Friday's Freebie: BHG's Orchid Manual

Brassia Rex Christine ~ my most 'exotic' orchid

Do you grow Orchids? I avoided them for years. Thinking they were too high maintenance. The only person I knew who grew them kept all of hers on a kitchen counter, near a north facing window.
When they're not in bloom, they're the ugliest things. Or, so I thought. 

Friday's Freebie: BHG's Orchid Manual

Gangly stems stretch to the sun as new buds begin to take shape.

Once I embraced the challenge of getting orchids to re-bloom, I totally changed my tune. These days, I'm as excited with the green shoots and buds as I am with the stunning flowers.

Friday's Freebie: BHG's Orchid Manual

Orchids keep me company while I'm washing dishes.

This is my kitchen window. It faces west. Whatever orchids are currently in bloom take up residence here. No sunlight reasons behind that. Simple selfishness! Inspecting those intricate blossoms takes my mind off the fact that I'm standing there, washing dishes.

Friday's Freebie: BHG's Orchid Manual

Lady Slipper Orchid

Which brings me to this week's Freebie  ~ a book I absolutely positively DO NOT want to give away. (I promised I would give it away, therefore I have to.) I learned a few new tricks by reading this book.
Friday's Freebie: BHG's Orchid ManualBH&G's Orchid Gardening book is everything you've ever wanted to know about Orchids.
From basic care to DIY orchid soils to creating an orchid hospital when some of them require life support. (Plus, some hand holding when it's time to throw that baby into the compost pile and start all over again. :)
I have one copy of this book to give away. Please leave a comment if you'd like to be in the drawing.
* Better Homes & Gardens gave me a collection of plant-related books to read, review and give away.
Hence, the 'Friday Freebie' thing, which will continue with something new for the next few weeks. If you're not big Orchids, pop over next Friday to yak about Herbs.
Friday's Freebie: BHG's Orchid Manual** To be completely fair in selecting a winner, I have my neighbor draw names out of a hat. (Gives me a fine excuse to hang out over at her place and eat all of her cookies.)
CONGRATULATIONS TO LAST WEEK'S WINNER: Melospiza. I'll be mailing you the Yes! You Can! canning and preserving book. Just as soon as you send me your address. :))
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