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Friday Fun-Day

Posted on the 16 August 2013 by Doggone
I like to change up the pace a little on Fridays, to highlight fun things heading into the weekend.

My eclectic interests reminded me of this very retro game circa 1970, still in production as a variant of tiddlywinks.  The reference to the game occurred to me after reading in the City Pages about a gentleman flying from the Netherlands to Utah by way of Minneapolis who ran afoul of the FBI for taking his private parts out of his trousers on the flight from MSP to his final destination.
His explanation for his behavior was that he had accidentally gotten peppermint oil on genitalia, and that the oil had caused those parts to become irritated. Apparently when he rubbed peppermint oil on his forehead in an effort to cure a headache, his brain became similarly disturbed, although he made no mention to the FBI as to the efficacy or lack thereof on his claimed headache.
Whether efficacious or not for headache - I prefer plain old school aspirin myself - I can attest that peppermint oil or other forms of peppermint like the curiously strong Altoid mints IS highly effective in removing or discouraging ants and other unwanted household intruders, up to and including mice and other rodents.  But use it carefully anywhere else, or you might find yourself facing the FBI terrorist task force!
The FBI seems less than satisfied with the gentleman's explanation, although it does appear truthful, as peppermint and other essential oils were found in his luggage.  The FBI suggested he should have repaired to the bathroom for......repairs....rather than exposing himself, regardless of the degree of real or imaginary discomfort.
I can only be amused at the incidental aspect of the poor guy having at the very least discouraged ants from inhabiting his pants.  Our word antsy used to describe someone who is restless or agitated comes from the metaphor of someone having ants in his (or her) pants.
Offered up as a small bit of trivia  for our readers to save up for the weekend in case you find yourself in need of small talk.

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