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Friday Fotos: Thursday Evening in Hoboken

By Bbenzon @bbenzon
Last week I went for the photos that were most popular on my Flickr page over the last half day of so. Today I'm posting photos I took last evening in Hoboken along the waterfront, though not all of the photos are oriented toward the waterfront.
This is on one of the old piers. As you can see, there's a planter on it, with pine trees. That's Manhattan in the background. The glow, of course, is the city lights.
I'm standing on that same pier, but looking in toward the shore. That father and daughter had been playing on the pier. She'd been playing in the snow and he'd been photographing her.
A soda machine on a different pier:
We're a block or two off the river's edge. I'm shooting south along Hudson street. You can see a bit of snow hanging in the air and diffusing the light.
This is a shaky-cam shot, directed at the site of the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan:
Another shaky-cam shot, buildings in Lower Manhattan:
I do not, of course, know where this boat is headed, but I followed it for a bit:

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