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Friday Fotos: The Revolution Will Wear a Pink Dress

By Bbenzon @bbenzon
Last week I went out to Maker Faire 2014 to see Brave New Things, an exhibit on hardware hacking put together by my friend, Tiby Kantrowitz: "Crack apart, dissect, and deconstruct electrical devices in the junk drawers of your house, office, or car, mounnt them and see what you can build!" Here's some photos I took of one little girl as she hacked around. Look closely at the expressioins on her face. 20140920-IMGP0504 Brave New Things 20140920-IMGP0507 Hacking Hardware 20140920-IMGP0513 Deconstruction 20140920-IMGP0522
Production 20140920-IMGP0533 Revolution 20140920-IMGP0534 More: Exploratorium Tinkering Studio 20140920-IMGP0542 More and More: Braitenberg Vehicles

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