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Friday Fotos: Some Modest Graffiti Under the Arches

By Bbenzon @bbenzon
This past week seems to have become expedition week in the photo section of New Savanna. So it's only fitting that I close out the week with some photos of some modest graffiti down there in the arches. This is at the western end (near Tonnelle Avenue) and has now been all but wiped out by the weather and by traffic of various kinds:
SciFi Adventure Hour.jpg
I'm pretty sure this is gone as well, though "PC" is still all over the place on those walls:
set and setting.jpg
I love this wall. It looks so ancient:
And there's a story for each of those marks, Medow, Act, 5 (in construction orange), the snail (it appears), and the rest.
This is one of my favorites, simple, elegant, but alas now gone:
gold conviction.jpg
Take a look at this:
that decorator touch.jpg
How long as that hunk of metal been rusting down there? Who piled those tires on top of it, and why? As for the graffiti, have can, will spray.
At least you don't have to pay a dime to use it:
And miles to go before I sleep:

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