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Friday Fotos: Old Trix 3

By Bbenzon @bbenzon
By "old trix" I mean extensive photoshopping, something I experimented with some years ago, but then slacked off. Anyone how uses Photoshop really ought to play around with it just to see what can be done – and, of course, what really can be done is likely to exceed the interests of any one photographer. I certainly learned alot, but in the end decided I wasn't much interested in fancy filtering and extreme color alteration. What made me give another go – as I've done in Old Trix 1 and Old Trix 2?
Simple, these shots are from my shaky-cam photos. I take these photos at night, with long exposures, and I move the camera and/or zoom the lens during the exposure. Depending on this or that, the resulting image either doesn't look like anything but a bunch of colored lines, or the recognizeable objects are distorted and/or almost obscured by lights. That is, the starting image isn't supposed to be "photo-realistic." Given that, perhaps extensive photoshoppery makes more sense.
Look at the following images. The first is more or less what came out of the camera. I did some photoshopping, but not much. The other three involve more extensive alterations from the original, but are much alike among themselves.
The first, pretty much out of the camera (though cropped), but the next two have been somewhat altered, but not cropped:
The first has been somewhat altered from what came out of the camera, but not as much as the second:
You can probably guess that this one was somewhat altered:

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