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Friday Finds 06.28.13

By Dwell @dwell
Fresh from the epic weekend fair Dwell on Design (aka America's largest modern design event), our editors have riled up their favorite finds from the week for your viewing pleasure. Happy weekend! Photo

Kelsey: Next Week's New Yorker cover

Proving that crowdsourcing and social media can be a boon, artist Jack Hunter submitted his DOMA-themed cover art to the New Yorker's Tumblr—and it was picked to run. Look for Bert and Ernie watching the historic ruling, in your mailbox this Monday. (And like crowdsourced design tends to do, it's already kicking up controversy online.)

AaronWhite Men Wearing Google Glass


Maybe it's because I live in San Francisco, but now I see dudes in Google Glass all the time. Breakfast at a cafe down the block from house, coffee at another cafe down the block from my house, on the walk to a third cafe two blocks from my house. Crazy thing is, they're all still looking at their iPhones through Google Glass! Maybe I should stop going to cafes near my house. 

Julia: Architecture for Dogs


The modern day dog is just as deserving of luxury lounging as we are. There are dog beds, crates, carrying cases, and even strollers, but has there ever been a dog hammock? The Wanmokku, which translates to "architecture for dogs", by Japanese architecture firm Torafu is a simple and clever creation that any pup would love. If you are a dog lover, then you must check this out! 

Diana: Inside New York City's Department of Records

New York City is in the midst of a digitization project to scan over 17 million public records going back as far as the 17th century. It's a herculean project and very fitting seeing as these "public" records aren't the easiest to access. Check out this video for a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the 220,000 cubic feet of ephemera, film, books, and photography housed within the department's vaults.

AlejandroDavid Ryle: Steam Portraits


Olivia: Biodiversity Heritage Library


One of the few holdovers I have from growing up in a fully restored, period-decorated Victorian home is a love of scientific ephemera. Of course, I am enthralled by the Biodiversity Heritage Library and its hundreds of natural history and botanical prints for me to peruse. 

AnnaPhotography Series by Sebastian Magnani


The old theory about dogs looking more and more like their owners the longer they're together stands true with "Underdogs" an incredible photography series by Sebastian Magnani. As noted on his website, "I first started the project in August 2009. As soon as I had the idea, it had pretty much already been realized, namely to photograph dogs with their owners. What originally started out as entertainment, without expectation, without any pressure, was suddenly creating waves." Not only are they entertaining, but they really are very beautiful portraits.

EujinThe Garments May Vary by Nadine Goepfert


This sublime collection of textiles by Berlin-based designer Nadine Goepfert makes me rethink what we consider as acceptable wearable garments. Am particularly keen on her white foam skirt. Can you just imagine the insane comfort level? Double points to Goepert for including a Roland Barthes quote as part of her project description.

Jaime: The Offline Glass


A concept created by the Brazilian advertising firm Fischer & Friends, the "offline glass" is one with a notch cut out of the base, so the only way it can stand up is if it's resting on an iPhone. Unclear whether this is a pure fantasy or actually in effect, but either way it's a clever—if slightly aggressive—way to get people off their phones in bars, and engaging in good old-fashioned bar chatter… 

Cortney: Kurt Anderson Pottery


The weird/quirky pottery of Kurt Anderson available via The Clay Studio in Philadelphia.

Megan: Time-lapse Video of San Francisco City Hall

David Yu has put together a truly beautiful time lapse video of the rainbow colors lighting up San Francisco City Hall in honor of Pride week.

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