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Friday Finds 06.14.13

By Dwell @dwell

Welcome to another round of Friday Finds! To help you foray into the long-awaited weekend, we've gathered up a few of our favorite finds from the webosphere, travels, and beyond for your viewing pleasure. Photo

Diana: Artwork by Molly McGrath

At the SF Local Design Market, an annual showcase of designers from our fair City by the Bay, we spotted the work of Molly McGrath. The Mission district–based artist specializes in laser-cut pieces, including jewelry, coasters, and (our favorite) prints. McGrath creates the angular cutouts on 100-percent cotton, acid-free paper. For this item, she used a backing of vintage fabric from Denmark to create a super-groovy, kaleidoscopic effect. See more of her offerings at mollymdesigns.com.

KelseyLeather Handle DIY


I be will moving at the end of this month, from one Brooklyn apartment to another, six blocks away. Moving doesn't bother me; rather, it's a chance to clear out junk and start fresh—and experiment with things like DIY leather handles for our built-in storage. Hat tip to Morgan Satterfield, the author behind The Brick House, who has done all the dirty work for me by figuring out which type of "leathery stuff" holds up to repeated yanks on the closet door. It's simple, it's good-looking, and it adds an warm touch to an otherwise minimalist bedroom.

AnnaChildren's Bedding Collection by Snurk


I'm absolutely in love with the bedding company called Snurk.  They're from the Netherlands and they just released their first children's collection "ever." I've never seen anything like it, I might be drawn to it because the design is photographically influenced, but how fun!  The prices are very affordable, and I know I'm getting that one with the cat sleeping in the corner (fake cat, they don't actually ship a real one with your duvet purchase).

Alejandro: Flat.

Google Design Principles

There has been so much talk about flat design this past week to make anyone's head spin. By removing skeuomorphisms Apple has done away with the training wheels  people needed to learn to use touch screens, therefore making everyone aware of how relevant this subject is to all of us.Here is an example from Google that shows in great detail the relationship between all of their digital assets, which by the way happen to be flat. Harsh straight shadows and a lack of glassy details and  highlights are what we can expect from Apple and others in the near future.

Portrait of Dieter Rams

This clean approach to design is what Dieter Rams has been working on all of his career. Making design responsible for itself. Here is a great conversation with Mr. Rams we did during the installation of his show at SFMOMA.

Cortney: Flags by HORT


The Berlin-based creative studio, HORT was invited to contribute to the 2012 launch of FLAGS, a project that includes 16 international artists and designers who have composed a flag or two (or four) representing their ideals and values. By reinterpreting and questioning the traditional ways of designing a flag they experimented with new creative approaches to a very old medium. 

AmandaHow to Fold a Shirt in Two Seconds

I love stuff like this—so satisfying! I'm hopeless at the perfect fold, but after seeing this I think there may be hope for me yet. 

JuliaIconic Spectacles


Can you identify you favorite movie character or celebrity by their eyewear? These days many icons are closely associated by their style. This is a fun collection of eyeglasses of the rich and famous. Perhaps it will inspire you to go out and buy a new pair!

EujinAstier de Valette candles


I just got back from a quick vacation in Paris and on top of my itinerary was to visit ceramic and curio shop Astier de Villate on Rue Saint-Honoré. Upon arrival, I was quick to gravitate towards their candles first. Came home with the Lhassa, a "heady, woody, spicy bouquet," but was dismayed that I didn't up my inventory. Fast forward to yesterday when a dear friend who works at Barneys urgently notified me of a "nifty" shipment of Astier candles at their store. Guess I no longer need to cross the pond! 

OliviaFedor van der Valk’s String Gardens


Dutch artist Fedor van der Valk creates otherworldly string gardens using a combination of crochet and gardening techniques. Click through his website, String_Garden for more amazing photos. 

Aaron: JFK's Fish Chowder Recipe


This is my first week back in the office after two weeks in New England (Maine and Massachusetts), where I ate about as much NE seafood as I could. Lobster rolls, crab melts, steamers, and mussels, my only regret from this trip is skipping the haddock at lunch one day. But now that I've come across JFK's New England fish chowder recipe, discovered on A Continuous Lean, I can have some of that good white fish back home in California.



This is a little whiz-bang-y, but incredibly clever: a closed-loop mini ecosystem that lets you grow herbs or produce atop a fish tank. The fish waste naturally fertilizes the plants above, while the plants clean the water for your fish. Plus, it looks cool. Back to the Roots, the company that invented it, had a successful Kickstarter campaign and the Aquafarms are available for pre-order now. The company also sells a nifty grow-your-own mushroom kit.

MeganStumphrey the Corgi

Stumphrey the Corgi

We've already introduced you to Corgnelius, the cutest corgi EVER, in a previous Friday Find installment. Now meet his new little brother, Stumphrey. The cute meter in the office is now broken and we all have to take breaks from looking at pics of these two lest we have cuteness overload. You're welcome.

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