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Friday Feature: Beauty Expert, Chloe Morello

By Shanlakes
chloe morello
After watching Chloe's fabulous videos on her youTube channel, I felt like I was hanging out with one of my BFF's getting makeup and beauty advice. Her tutorials are so flawless and descriptive that I couldn't stop watching. After the 23rd video I watched I think I may have accidentally started talking with her charming Australian accent. I started talking to Chloe via email, and instantly knew all of my blog readers would LOVE her as much as I did. Of course, naturally.. I had to grill her on her beauty and skin regime...because who wouldn't want to replicate that to the tee?
1. While we absolutely love seeing all of the things we should be doing in your fabulous tutorials, in your opinion, what are a few big "don'ts" when it comes to skin care? CM: Using products that don't suit your skin type: oily skinned people using a foundation for 'radiance' or 'dewy' complexion - it just doesn't work! Also, people with dry skin using powder to set their makeup, I'd say that's a big no no. Definitely wearing too much makeup too, or wearing eyeshadow without foundation! If you're going to wear eye makeup, like a dramatic or colorful eye look, the skin needs to look even and smooth so at least use a bb cream or tinted moisturizer to create a nice canvas for the makeup. It looks very messy otherwise!
2. Your skin is always glowing and gorgeous- outside of beauty products/skin care regime what are some of the lifestyle tactics you use to keep your skin looking so healthy? (For example: Vitamins, working out, drinking water, facials, etc. anything)
CM:  I try to drink as much water as possible, I exfoliate multiple times per week as I have combo skin and some parts are oily, some are dry! I eat tons of fruit and am TRYING to eat more veggies :) I also change my pillow case once a week to prevent breakouts!
3. Who is one of your biggest beauty inspirations/icons? CMI love Jennifer Stano, I love her look, very chic yet sexy. My makeup inspirations are fellow you tubers pixiwoo and nikkietutorials, they're phenomenal and makeup; technique and originality that blow my mind with every video! I aspire to be like them with my channel.
4. We love your tan. It is always natural looking and even. What is your biggest self-tanning tip/secret? CM: Thank you :)  I live in Sunny Sydney, Australia so I go to the beach once a week with my boyfriend Jack, I exfoliate my entire body and use body oils or moisturizer to make it look glowy. I do use an SPF 15 tanning oil at the beach, and my father is italian so I tan fairly easily. Sometimes if I'm after a boost I'll use fake tan and I like St Tropez or St Moriz for that - ALWAYS use a tanning mitt though, never your hands!
5. For all of the new Chloe Morello fans out there, how often can we expect to see new tutorials on your channel? And what is the most efficient way we can put in a tutorial request?  CM: I upload twice a week and you can catch up with every day on instagram and Facebook! Tutorial requests can be sent by comments on my videos, my twitter, instagram or face boo page wall!
Thanks again Chloe! Once you start, you will not be able to get enough of her: follow Chloe on her Facebook Page, Instagram @chloemorello, Twitter @chloemorello, her blog, and youTube channel.
chloe morello
chloe morello
chloe morello
{all images are owned by Chloe Morello}
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