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Friday Favorites!

By Cait @caitscozycorner
Good morning friends! Today is the wedding rehearsal for our best friends but before we take off for a crazy weekend filled with lots of dancing, drinking, eating and oh yeah, more dancing, I wanted to pop in and share some of my Friday favorites with you all!
1. Family - The older I get the more I really do appreciate my family members. And those that aren't exactly 'blood' but I still consider family just mean the absolute world to me. Being here with Zach's parents, our best friends and their family members just make me extremely happy and blessed to have some incredible people in our lives.
Friday Favorites!2. Sweatshirts- It's been super chilly here in Iowa so I packed a few sweatshirts to keep my little family warm. Living in the south the last 2 years has really built our tolerance up for warmer weather so anything below 70 feels so cold to us now ( so wimps right?! ). I packed one of my new favorite sweatshirts from and I know this will be worn around my home the rest of the colder months! Plus, even though it says 'I'm so freaking cozy' , the material inside is so incredibly soft it's like wearing a cashmere blanket at all times. You need it!
Friday Favorites!Friday Favorites!3. L'OREAL Lip Palette- I received this LA palette and couldn't be more excited to try all the great colors it has, especially for fall. I opted for the darker shades because I thought they would work better with my skin tone and hair color. The colors do not disappoint and I'm pretty sure the far left red shade in maroon is my favorite.
Happy Friday everyone! post signature

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