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Fresshh Cornwall: Review & Competition

By Evette Garside @evette77

Chef Greg Laskey shares the secret of fine dining at home through his Fresshh! range of hand crafted, premium ready mealsSimple to use and quick to prepare, Fresshh! ready meals take the stress out of cooking; whether you want a chef quality but quick meal for two, something special for a sophisticated dinner party for six or headline dishes for a large gathering. Fresshh will help you get great food to the table. Each of the dishes has been consumer tested in the most rigorous environment possible - in their hugely popular bar/restaurant. They select the most popular items from their menu, which are the classics that people come back for time and time again, Greg then prepares them in small batches ensuring they are cooked to perfection, portions them generously and then snap freezes them to seal in the fabulous fresshhness! The dishes are then delivered to doorsteps around the UK, and mine happens to be one of those doors that got to try out the "Fresshh" meals.

Fresshh Cornwall: review & Competition

I was sent over a mixed selection of mains, sides and desserts. The meals can be warned in the oven but much easier in the microwave. I was a little sceptical at just how nice they would taste. Microwave meals can often be sloppy and add to it that they are also frozen. However I was really impressed by them all. None of them were a let down.

The first one I tried was the Pork Belly with Apple & Sultana Chutney. Along with the two sides red cabbage and Dauphinoise potato. Each needed heating seperatly but luckily all stayed warm.

Fresshh Cornwall: review & Competition

The pork was just melt in the mouth delicious with minimal fat and full of flavour with the chutney. The potatoes were amazing and the cabbage also full of flavour and not at all soggy.

Next was the Cornish Brisket Beef with Toasted hazelnut and smoked bacon. I really enjoyed this and beef isn't usually something I would choose as a dish. The hazelnuts have a great crunchy flavour and there was lots of meat in this dish.

Fresshh Cornwall: review & Competition

My two desserts were a Sticky toffee pudding with dates and Cornish cream & Lemon ice cream. Unfortunately I did not get much of these to myself. My lovely children were quick to spot them and want them.

Fresshh Cornwall: review & Competition
The sticky toffee pudding is probably one of the best I have tried so far, lots of delicious toffee sauce. This can also be heated like the other meals and is great hot served with the ice cream which also tasted amazing, very fluffy and full of flavour.

All the food at Fresshh is individually priced and can all be purchased via their Online shop. If you fancy winning yourself some Fresshh meals then read below.

Fresshh are giving away £50 worth of food from their range. To enter you need to be a UK resident and enter by 22nd September 2015.

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