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Freshers Food Failings- One in Three Can’t Boil an Egg

Posted on the 28 September 2012 by 72point @72hub

One in three students will head off to university unable to boil an egg, it has been revealed. A new study has uncovered a string of baking basics that the average 18 year old can’t rustle up, including spag bol, a basic cake, and yes, even a boiled egg.

Apparently, a fifth of students would even struggle to make themselves toast for breakfast,  and 30% wouldn’t get a jacket potato right.

In contrast however, cash-strapped students are more than capable at balancing the books with 63% of mums and dads having every confidence their children will cope well with budgeting (probably helped by their woeful eating habits).

They are also adept at keeping ahead of the digital age with over half of students able to set up a laptop with broadband and upload photographs.

Tool use clearly isn’t a recurring strength though- only 17% of freshers own a wok, and only 20% own a casserole dish.

A spokeswoman for Sainsbury’s, which conducted the poll of 934 parents of children aged 18 to 25 said:

“Despite feeling like fully fledged adults, the reality is that a whole host of students heading off to college this month need a crash course as to how to set themselves up for their new lives.

“Teenagers are more than capable of looking after themselves but the vast majority don’t even own a saucepan!

“With the right leaving home equipment and some pointers from mom and dad, life in student digs will be much more comfortable”.

The study shows many students will go hungry during their first term, as even the classics like a full English stump a majority- 43% would flail.

Food knowledge is a big ask too- only 31% know how long it takes to cook a roast chicken, and only 66% are sure of their timing when it comes to sausages.

As the research indicates, visiting the supermarket is sure to bewilder most teenagers, as 42% aren’t clear about ‘use by’ dates.

And there are still many household gadgets 18-year-olds won’t have got to grips with including, staggeringly, the kettle (17%) and toaster (18%).

The Sainsbury’s spokeswomen continues:

“The thing to remember is that while many students or 18-year-olds might not be pros at carrying out basic household tasks, they are incredibly competent at using gadgets and technology, and have also become really savvy with money.

“Times have changed, and although household tasks may not be the priority for youngsters today, they are proficient at doing many other things, and these skills will carry them through their university years and beyond”.


Boil an Egg30%

Make Toast18%

Make a pot of tea26%

Cook a full English43%

Make a spaghetti bolognese48%

Cook a jacket potato30%

Make an omelette42%

Cook a full English43%

Bake a Cake45%

NONE of the above4%

Know which foods can be re-heated66%


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