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Fresh Rides Thursday: Chris Harris Reviews the All New Porsche 991 GT3

By Baj25 @COS_blog


Chris Harris is one of the top auto journalists in the world and one of the most respect test drivers in Europe today, so when I saw he was reviewing  one of my personal favorite cars of all time the all new Porsche 991 GT3 I had to post this video.  I have no words that can describe the beauty of a Porsche 911 its one the most timeless cars every built, from each incarnation from the orignal 911 to this 991 the body style and the legacy is unquestionable. The GT3 version of this rolling artwork is the pinnacle of style and function with a weight reduction from your standard 911 plus featuring  an upgraded brakes, suspensions, and transmission not to mention a wider stands coupled with a custom body work unique to this model. The GT versions of this iconic car has always been the most desirable of all the many variants of the 911. The new version of this special automobile is the first to just have the Porsches PDK  system as the soul transmission offered to buyers this makes this particular car very interesting in the auto word seeing how all the past GT3′s we’re all manual based cars. So checkout the video and enjoy the first review of the one of a kind beast..

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