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French Words: Pour Mon Coeur

By Coreyamaro

French Words, Corey Amaro, Pour Mon coeur


French Husband has an accent when he speaks English. But my accent is bigger. His English is better then my French. But I understand what is going on faster that he does. Often he makes me repeat myself once, twice, and he tries for a third time, well then I just say it in French. He rolls his eyes. 

French Husband does not speak French to me, nor does he let me speak French to him. WHich drives his friends crazy. You see my French sounds like nails to a chalkboard to him. He exaggerates. When I speak French to him his faces turns into a dried fig. Not pretty for a pretty boy.

French Husband and I speak three languages: French, English and Franglais. We also dance.


French Words Photography Corey amaro

French Husband does not swear, nor uses slang words, which means my French is flawed.

Really after twenty twenty six (or is it seven?) years you would think he would speak French with me? If he can say to me, "Rubber Beer" for Root Beer, "Bob Lights" for Light Bulbs, and "F-ck" for Fork, I should be able to attempt the same faux pas with him.

Plus French Husband wears crocs as slippers.

He doesn't know what "crocs" are... and he calls slippers, "sleepers". If French Husband wrote a blog he could tell you about my endearing errors and butchered French words, but he doesn't, leaving me with all the fun.

I took French in high school and flunked. I got out of the class as it was an elective and well an "F" on an elective isn't really worth it is it. French Husband took English in high school and flunked too. His teacher said to him, "You will never speak English." 

We were made for each other.

I hope I do not sound mad at my Husband. I am teasing. I don't care what language we speak. The first year of our romance we didn't speak each other's language. It made for some seriously funny moments, frustrating moments and we learned how to communicate by listening to each other... without words. I saw how he was with others, I read his face, I listened to his heart and it spoke clearly.

Plus children loved him.


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