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French Politics: Vallsmania

By Stizzard
Manuel Valls fixing tie of President François Hollande Valls ties the boss in knots

WHEN President François Hollande chose Manuel Valls as his new prime minister, he took a big gamble. His hope was that some of the popularity of the tough-talking, action-man Socialist would rub off on him. Instead, the opposite seems to be happening. Mr Valls’s popularity rating, at 58%, is the highest for a new mid-term prime minister in the Fifth Republic, but Mr Hollande’s has dropped to a new low of just 18%.The only previous occasion when a mid-term prime minister got close to such highs was 1997, when Lionel Jospin was made head of a Socialist government under the Gaullist Jacques Chirac, and won 47% approval. Yet this was during political cohabitation between the left and right. Exclude such periods, and the popularity gap between Mr Hollande and Mr Valls, at 40 points, sets a modern record, according to Ifop, a pollster whose ratings go back to Charles de Gaulle.Mr Hollande has lost support across the political spectrum, including on the left. Among Socialist voters, his rating has crumbled from 60% in March to 48%. Another poll this week…

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