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French Dinner Party Table Settings

By Ally @allykitchen
french dinner party table settings

Dinner party table settings can become works of art. You're creating the mood and ambiance for your guests, whether it's two or twenty plus, when they take their seats at your table. And, French-inspired table settings are not difficult to design! With just a few simple tips from a born and bred French girl born and raised in Brittany France, you can design that French-inspired canvas.

french dinner party table settings
My Friend Frenchie

How do I know Marie Christine? A stroke of blessed luck through other dear friends who introduced us years ago. I was immediately taken with Marie Christine's talents in the kitchen and with simple design and decor. Having been to her homes, including a remote cabin in the mountains of Colorado, I felt like I'd just stepped into a cozy intimate mini French chateau! Marie Christine is exceptionally adept in the kitchen and with food. And, on top of that, she's a world class athlete, all dripping wet about one hundred pounds of her. Truly inspirational in so many ways. We all have shared so many pretty amazing experiences over the years. From 10th Mountain Division Hut snowshoeing and camping in the dead of winter, camping, and hiking to more shared dinner parties than I can count, memories always seem to focus on food. Here's just one dessert that I recently made during the peach season in the Summer when these photos were shot. It's a peach custard pie with only five ingredients that got the French seal of approval from my dear friend!

french dinner party table settings
Some Basic Ideas & Inspiration

As you watch the video where Marie Christine shares her ideas for setting the welcoming French table, keep in mind these pithy ideas. And, remember, you probably have all the things that you need to set your own French-inspired table right in your home. And, if not, then have some fun combing through thrift stores, consignment shops, antique stores and off the beaten track places where you can find bargains and treasures. Besides finding what you want to add to your collection, you're going to have loads of fun and entertainment!

french dinner party table settings

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