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French Antique Guessing Game

By Coreyamaro

French Guessing Game

A French Antique Guessing Game.

It has been awhile since I have seen or found a French antique that has stumped me that is why it has been awhile since I have added a French Antique Guessing Game. The other day Judy, Bill and Elena (some American friends of mine) asked me if I knew what these little circle shaped things were that they found while in France at the brocante. I was clueless as I had never even seen them before. Though I admired the circular box. I put my finger over the description, cause I didn't want the answer starring you in the face.

After Judy, Bill and Elena told me what they learned about these round things I told them how lucky they were to have a little French history in their possession. Going to the brocante is finding a bit of history, discovering a story, having it shape the way one sees tomorrow. It is a gift of the past live on because you noticed it.

Varied pastel colors circles roughly cut.

All the same size.

Turn of the century.

Though they were around before... and now?

In a darling box.

Darling box.

Do they taste good?

Are they bonbons?

What are they? 

Do you know?

French Guessing Game

Off the subject:

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French Anitque Guessing Game:

Guess as many times as you want in the comment section, or by email.

The first person to guess correctly with the French Name will win a prize (something similar to it but new.) 

And the person who I deem has the most creative answer will have a treat too.

Diogenes, Francabolla, and Rebecca it has nothing to do with Roaches :) But I know you will think of something to tease me.

Happy Guessing!

French Antique Guessing Game
French Antique Guessing Game
French Antique Guessing Game
French Antique Guessing Game
French Antique Guessing Game
French Antique Guessing Game

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