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Freeze (2022) Movie Review

By Newguy

Freeze – Movie Review


Director: Charlie Steeds

Writer: Charlie Steeds (Screenplay)


  • Johnny Vivash (Book of Monsters)
  • David Lenik (An English Haunting)
  • Ricardo Freitas (The Great Charade)
  • Jake Watkins (It Came From Below)
  • Rory Wilton (Fisherman’s Friends)

Plot: On a rescue mission to the North Pole to retrieve an old friend and his lost expedition crew, Captain Mortimer gets more than he bargained for when his ship is frozen into the ice sheet and set upon by bloodthirsty fish-creatures. Mortimer and his surviving crew flee the ship, beginning a treacherous journey to find safety in a frozen desolate wilderness. Suffering from starvation, frostbite and a slow madness, they find shelter inside a snowy mountain, but are they as safe as they think, or have they entered the heart of the creature’s lair.

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Freeze starts when a crew head to the North Pole. Captain Mortimer (Wilton), Barnabas (Vivash), Gideon (Lenik), Marlowe (Freitas) and Redgrave (Watkins) have the most crucial roles on board. When they get frozen on an ice sheet, it isn’t the cold that becomes their biggest problem.

The crew find themselves under attack from bloodthirsty fish creatures. They look to make a desperate escape across the ice facing even more danger from the elements. Nothing will prepare them for what they find on the ice.

Verdict on Freeze

Freeze is a creature feature horror following a rescue crew heading to the North Pole. What they find on the ice sees them terrified for their lives, as they must battle against bloodthirsty fish creatures. Leading to them needing to make a difficult decision to survive.

This is a smart creature feature, it uses the early sailing days as the time period. Creating the unknown the missions would have once offered them. Showing the sailors wouldn’t know what they would run into and wouldn’t be able to turn to modern technology to escape.

The creatures are well-designed for added shock and fear value. As they wouldn’t be anything anyone would have seen before. The environment is crucial and feels as dangerous as the creatures. In the performances, we get a good cast working well together to show the scale of the situation.

Final Thoughts Freeze is a fun creature feature.

Freeze (2022) Movie Review
Freeze (2022) Movie Review

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