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Freedom of Expression

By Rodjonesartist

Freedom of Expression
Size:36 x 36 x 1.5 in
Medium:Oil on Canvas

Description: Freedom of expression for me is being free of the dictates from the art elitists and limousine liberals that reside on the coasts of the United States. If Instagram has taught me one thing, the art world is preciously dynamic. I’ve witnessed incredible art made by sincere, talented, artistic people from some of the most remote regions of the world. It seems like the societal evolution of art is detrimentally skewed by a few dickwads that have proposed to be intellectuals, but on further examination the only thing they postulate is what their liberal professors have poured into their hollow brains nearly an original thought comes forth, and yet we allow these people to judge art when they can’t even paint, sculpt or create an original thought. As if they were canonized by some religious cult. Politicizing art has been around since its conception. But can’t we just all get along by painting or creating what comes from our hearts and souls? My advice to my fellow creatives is to your own self be true. Art is not to be judged by long thought out soliloquies. Be comforted by your own creativity and celebrate the joy it brings to your spiritual life.

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