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FREEBIE: Printables from Harper Collins Children's Books (ALL)

By Catherine Mcdiarmid-Watt @frugalfreebies
Image: Free Printables from Harper Collins Children's BooksFantastic Printables and Activities for all sorts of books including:
"If You Give A Mouse A Cookie", "Charlotte's Web", "Fancy Nancy Series", "Amelia Bedelia", "Goodnight Moon" and so much more.....
Such as...
Lemony Snicket [Order the book from Amazon]
- Sad Sentences - Can you spot the fakes in Lemony Snicket’s Sad Sentences?
- 13 Shocking Secrets you'll wish you never knew about Lemony Snicket.
A Good Day [Order the book from Amazon]
- Great printables from A Good Day by Kevin Henkes!
A Very Marley Christmas [Order the book from Amazon]
- Download fun activities from A Very Marley Christmas!
Almost, Why, Because [Order the book from Amazon]
- Print the activity sheet celebrating the Richard Torrey collection!
Amelia Bedelia [Order the book from Amazon]
- Amelia Bedelia is all mixed up, can you help unscramble her words?
- Amelia Bedelia needs to get to the library, can you help her through the maze?
- Learn how to speak Amelia Bedelia's mixed up language!
- Print a set of Amelia Bedelia Bookmarks!
- Print and color your own Valetines with Amelia Bedelia!
Big Words for Little People [Order the book from Amazon]
- Learn to use big words!
Cat the Cat Event Kit [Order the book from Amazon]
- Download these fun activities featuring Cat the Cat and her pals!
Charlie the Ranch Dog [Order the book from Amazon]
- Help Charlie find his best friend in this maze activity, plus print his favorite lasagna recipe!
Charlotte's Web Maze [Order the book from Amazon]
- Find your way through Charlotte's Web!
Diary of a Fly[Order the book from Amazon]
- Create your own comic strip!
- Print your own Diary of a Fly bookmarks!
- Help Fly, Spider and Worm through the maze!
- Draw your day with a picture diary!
- Send a postcard to Spider!
- Play word games with Fly and her friends!
Dixie [Order the book from Amazon]
- Help Emma find Dixie and her missing Ruby slipper!
Don't Bump the Glump! [Order the book from Amazon]
- Join the Shelabration with a downloadable event kit!
Duck Soup[Order the book from Amazon]
- Help Duck make soup with this matching activity!
- Help Max through this maze so he can finally relax!
Fancy Nancy [Order the book from Amazon]
- Help Fancy Nancy and her team win the events during Field Day!
- Download great printables from Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy!
- Create an at-home spa experience for you and your mom.
- Play dress up with Fancy Nancy paper dolls.
- Are you a splendid speller? Play this spelling game with Fancy Nancy to find out!
- Print a set of Fancy Nancy stickers!
- Coloring fun with Fancy Nancy!
- Create your own paper collage!
- Download great printables from Fancy Nancy: Bonjour, Butterfly!
- Download this activity and event guide and explore the fancy side of life with Nancy!
- Print out these fancy invitation for your Fancy Nancy Fashion Boutique.
- Create your family tree with Fancy Nancy!
- Download these activity suggestions for your very own poetry party. Everything's fancier when it's in verse!
- Download these fun and festive Fancy Nancy activities for the holidays.
- Connect the stars to help Fancy Nancy uncover the constellation!
- Create a fancy solar system mobile!
- Turn this scene from the book into your own colorful creation!
Goodnight Moon [Order the book from Amazon]
- Goodnight Moon activities for parents and children
- Practice counting with Goodnight Moon 123!
And so much more!
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