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FREEBIE: Keeping Kids Safe from Fire (ALL)

By Catherine Mcdiarmid-Watt @frugalfreebies
Image: Keeping kids safe from fireThe U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) reviews and collects resources that can be used in public outreach activities to help keep children safe from fire. Explore these materials to learn more about discussing fire safety with parents, teachers and other caregivers.
Printable door hangers - These hangers are easy to print and assemble on ready-made perforated door hanger templates that you can buy at your local or online office supply store.
Free publications to share with children
Let's Have Fun with Fire Safety – This activity book gives young children valuable fire safety and prevention tips in English | Spanish Kids Page – This interactive CD-ROM contains fire safety lessons, quizzes and games for children ages 3-9. English (Only fire departments, schools and day care providers can order this item.)
Kids Firetruck Foldup Activity Sheet – Contains a fire safety word game and mazes that children can navigate to practice a home fire escape plan. The activity sheet folds into a firetruck. Recommended ages: 3-7, in English and Spanish
• Have a fire escape plan for young children in English and Spanish
• Keep children 3 feet from heat sources in English and Spanish
Fire safety curriculum for preschoolers
Sesame Street Fire Safety Program

• More than half of child fire deaths are among children age four or younger - making them an important audience for fire prevention and education. If you’ve ever visited a preschool classroom to discuss fire safety, or have met with older toddlers during community outreach activities, you know they can be a tough crowd to reach. That's why USFA collaborated with Sesame Workshop™ to create the Sesame Street Fire Safety Program for preschool kids.
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