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FREEBIE: Inspirograph - Digital Verson of Spirograph

By Catherine Mcdiarmid-Watt @frugalfreebies
Image: Inspirograph | interactive browser-based Spirograph emulator | designed by Nathan FriendDid you love playing with Spirograph when you were a kid? Well, look no further than Inspirograph, an interactive browser-based Spirograph emulator, designed by Nathan Friend. Say goodbye to the rest of your day!
Programmer and musician Nathan Friend's digital spirograph is oddly addictive.
This favorite childhood toy made beautiful, trippy designs even if you couldn't draw a straight line.
You could create all sorts of weird, cool shapes and designs - and now you do do it virtually! Select from the site's preset colors and backgrounds or even make your own colours, using the available gradient.
Inspirograph is even more fun than the real life version -- you can't mess it up with an accidental slip of your hand. To erase your work, just press a button. Check out the gallery of other people's work, and then upload your own!
They are even working on an app - to play on the go!

Watch out, it's addictive.

Click to use Inspirograph for free
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