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FREEBIE: Baby Printables (ALL)

By Catherine Mcdiarmid-Watt @frugalfreebies
Free Family tree (landscape, U.S. units)Microsoft has 1,000's of templates and printables you can download and print.
Here are just a few more I found
Family tree (landscape, U.S. units)
Document your family tree with this theme ready genealogy tracker that allows you to record the date of birth, sex, city, country and name of your relations.
Welcome Baby! This banner spells it out with brightly colored letters in blue, brown, and orange - to honor his birthday and homecoming. Want a different greeting? Just copy the slides to make more letters, then replace a letter with the one you need. When you're ready, print the letters, cut along the dotted line, and display the banner where everyone, especially the baby, can see. Welcome Baby Boy Banner - or - Welcome Baby Girl Banner
• Money envelope (toy train design)
Image: free Money envelope (toy train design)This money envelope is child friendly, featuring a toy train and shimmering rainbow set against a light blue background; includes a customizable name.
Baby Growth Chart
Baby Growth Chart
Baby shower party planner
Baby shower party planner
Free Baby On Board signBaby On Board sign
Pregnancy calendar
Keep track of your pregnancy, due date, appointments, important dates, etc. with this beautiful template. Color coding of the weeks, automatic countdown, and room for notes make this a must have before the big day!
Things to take to hospital when having baby
Expectant mother’s hospital checklist
Be prepared for delivery day with this expectant mother's checklist template, with items for mother, coach, and baby.
Newborn baby checklist
Infant feeding log
Keep a log of baby's intake and output with this template. Each page contains data for two days, with space to record the times, lengths and amounts of feedings, and when baby had wet diapers and bowel movements.
Daily infant schedule and weight tracker
Track baby's feedings, diaper changes, intake, output, and weight each day with this template, broken down into hourly time blocks. The template charts weight progress and calculates daily averages.
NOTE - If any of the above links are not working or the freebies or coupons no longer available, please post a blog comment below and I'll edit it!

It's a great idea to note the date you request a freebie. Most samples arrive 6-8 weeks after you've asked for them, unless it says otherwise on the confirmation page.
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