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Free-Range Chicken Gardens

By Kate_miller

Free-Range Chicken Gardens

Sure, they lay eggs but do you know how beneficial they are to a garden?
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My neighbor owns a half dozen chickens and every one of them is named Dixie. (The Dixie Chicks, get it? I thought that was so clever.)
She also owns a turkey ~ a turkey with no name ~ and I was quite worried about his future.

Free-Range Chicken Gardens

She spends half her day hanging out in the coop.

When he waddled out of the coop the week after Thanksgiving I breathed a mighty sigh of relief. So, he was not intended to be dinner after all. It sure is cute seeing him waddle about their gardens.
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Free-Range Chicken Gardens


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Free-Range Chicken Gardens
Being the flower crazy chick that I am, I've been toying with the idea of raising chickens ~ though that has little to do with the delicious eggs they bring to the party.

Free-Range Chicken Gardens

They're all named Dixie.

It would be grand to have a free-roaming flock of colorful chickens doing battle with the bugs that plague my garden. They tend to ignore flowering plants, so I've a feeling we'd get along pretty well.
Then there's the fertilizer factor...
And, of course, the egg thing. You'd be hard pressed to talk me into touching a bowl of oatmeal, eggs for breakfast are the next best fill 'er up meal.
Free-Range Chicken GardensFREE-RANGE
Chicken Gardens
~ by Jessi Bloom
I loved everything about this book. It's colorful design. (Definitely coffee table material.) The fact that I learned something new on every page. Author, Jessi Bloom's, delightful writing style. Plus, the bigger picture of what she's trying to promote: Beautiful, chicken friendly, organic gardens and the bonus of farm fresh eggs! Just by inviting a couple of cluckers into your life.
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Free-Range Chicken Gardens
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