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Free Planet - You The People - Seven Billion Reliable Sources.

Posted on the 17 January 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Free Planet - You The People - seven billion reliable sources.
whether you're a Signed-up Follower or a Casual Reader of this FREE PLANET blog, you'll notice that I try to bring non-mainstream news about the snapping jaws of the Corporate War Machine that's purposefully intended towards getting the masses to WAKE UP to the financial and geopolitical tyranny that just has to accompany such an invented behemoth.
You The People, the living seven billion inhabitants of this spinning rock orbiting a variable star, are the only ones FREE PLANET can trust to get to the ACTUAL TRUTH of what's going on in the world. How is the Corporate War Machine affecting you? Do you want to keep chasing the measly amount of SLAVE WAGES that'll get you to pay your next mortgage instalment? Do you want to keep paying taxes to Conglomerate Global Government that rapes you for its own unspoken agenda? Do you want to know what's really important in life?
That's all there is. Seven billion of us, all in the same boat. That's all this planet is, at sea. We are the reason why the earth is crumbling under a ruthless and amoral Hunter Killer's mechanized reinforced boot. We are the reason why all the beautiful ways to live our individual lives are reserved for 'the rich'. We are the reason why we are THE PROPERTY OF OUR PRISON COUNTRIES no matter how 'free to travel' we think we are.
But we can stop it, once we realize it is OUR PLANET, not theirs. Once we realize that we have to rewild this place and help bring back a natural beauty to what has become a bulldozed plane of concrete, steel and tarmac.
Imagine a migrating bird lining up to take a TERAHERTZ BODY SCAN at a Country Exit Point: it's utter lunacy! Migrating birds just 'get the urge to be somewhere else' twice a year and go there. Simple as that. So should we. We should want to strip off our old prison life. We should embed ourselves in ANY CULTURAL DIVERSITY THAT TAKES OUR FANCY. We should decalre ourselves no longer slaves of Insidious Conglomerate Gaming.

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