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Free Planet Will Never Happen This Generation.

Posted on the 05 June 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Free Planet will never happen this's not fair on You The People, I realize this...
What am I talking about?
The whole FREE PLANET proposal: it's just something the Modern Brain Washed Consumerist Commercialised Corporate Mind simply isn't built to accept.
I broaden this Culture Shock discussion in my forthcoming Free Planet Novel but it needs mentioning here, before any of you get your hands on the book.
Free Planet, as a homeworld-protecting leaderless-revolution of the seven billion sovereign individuals driven by "do right by free planet and free planet will do right by you" is about AS ALIEN A CONCEPT AS YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE.
And I'm sorry, for my own ambition, and for your continued enslavement by the Corporate War Machine.
Seriously, and it's shameful that I didn't realize this before, it'll not be until our children's children have fully explored the possibilities of REAL LIFE on this currently fake-gambit mind-game of a planet that we'll know what Creativity, Passion and Kinship really mean.
I was TOTALLY CONFUSED why Free Planet (not my concept of it, but any description of such by anyone) wasn't being talked about on ANY MAINSTREAM MEDIA CHANNELS out there. It just DOESN'T EXIST i.e. will never exist. There's just no PROFIT-based motivation for such a debate either online or on air. There's not even a part of our consciousness where such an idea could take root, sprout and flourish. This uber-fascist plastic-poison world we've all allowed to be created around us, will take us (literally) to our prison graves and we have no mental faculty to deal with the problem.
We leave EVERYTHING to our Royal Bloodline-cum-Conglomerate Lords and Masters like we don't deserve the unique thoughts we all have - we literally self-censor such that we'll never allow our planet-protecting beast to see the light of the day.
Our generation's potential will be held captive under a guilty bushel of IF IT AIN'T BROKE-denial. And it is denial. It is broken. We are ALL BROKEN.
I can only hope (at least) our children's children will realize this, in time.

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