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Free Planet - the Global Lending Library - Return It in as Good a State as You Borrowed It

Posted on the 02 July 2015 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN

Free Planet - the global lending library - return it in as good a state as you borrowed it

this represents knowledge as cherished asset.

this is not about getting a book/DVD back before they start imposing fines, this is about those self-centred fucks who keep a book/DVD out for longer than their alloted time or never bring it back.
I'm talking about the for-profitists, the patent-protectists, the elite and their private armies of rampant global despotism.
Did I go too far?
Rare, I know, but I'll plod on, stoically... how can we help FREE PLANET replenish its seas, rewild its mountains, restock its plains so that there's a fair mix of gray vs yellow, a fair share of red vs blue, a joyous ensemble of black vs white in this altogether mushy drab-world of corporate profit/lossing?
We treat Free Planet as we would the valuable treasures in the most exclusive lending library in the Universe.
We cherish what we borrow from Free Planet, and we return it in as good a state as we borrowed it.
We keep doing this, and we make sure that everyone can experience the best of this world.
I'm talking about all the world's artworks, and all the world's technology, and all the world's bounty: each person should have the right to man's Creativity, Passion and Kinship in their chosen Diversity for a brief period of time. Why only 'a few game-players' should have access to the world's riches is beyond Free Planet's inclusive, leave it better than you found it, remit.
Share Free Planet with every living soul.

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