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Free Planet - the De-industrialisation of Time - Solar Vs Atomic Leap Seconds

Posted on the 19 January 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Free Planet - the de-industrialisation of time - solar vs atomic leap secondsTraditionally, when somebody asks you, "What time is it?" you might look at your wristwatch or your mobile phone and say, "It's four o'clock."
They thank you and go about their business.
But let's back up a minute -- no pun intended -- and remember we're on a Free Planet here, so we can adopt whatever version of time we see fit as a 'roaming' of global Diversities.
Think of a course or club your pre-teen son or daughter goes to. It's from 6pm to 7pm every Thursday, say. Nothing wrong with that. Until. In the winter. It can be DARK all the way through your kids time away from the home, introducing another working life time+motion complication.
So, we'll invent British Summer Time, in the UK (Daylight Savings Times, in the USA) and that shift of an hour will iron out many of the crinkles in the non-uniformity of day length at the higher latitudes.
But this is just DAFT in the sense that a) it's like having a minor jet-lag twice a year as your body clock tries to adjust to the extra or stolen hour and b) no industrial system of compromise will ever work - the farther north or south you live, the later the sun will rise and the earlier it will set. This is a fact you decide to live with based on geographical choice.
And there's that RIDICULOUS quarter day per year we add onto the end of February called a Leap Year. Isn't it obvious that the Earth goes round the Sun in a four-year cycle? Our years should be 1461 days. That way we finally end up at the same point in space on a whole day. Or we just FORGET the quarter day, and by that I mean we just fold the excess part-day into the per-year recalculation.
Maybe we'll even add a LEAP SECOND/hour/day further along the planetary timeline to re-synch earth-time to atomic-time but did no-one listen when Einstein suggested that TIME ALTERS BASED ON POSITION TO GRAVITATIONAL SOURCE and this even applies to the activity of caesium (aka nuclear-time) clocks.
I mean, come on, we're an advanced race by now. For example: why are we refering to the Roman Empire and their pantheon of gods to name our months and the Nordic/AngloSaxon gods to name the seven days of our weeks. I know you can say, "It's just the way it is, leave it be." But the whole point of Free Planet is, "Leaving it be doesn't work," as proven by empirical failure curves and untried crimes for asset/profit we call war-mongering.
And the other salient fact here is TIME HAS BEEN INDUSTRIALISED and the majority of you are fitting your life on this planet around an arbitrary 9-5 clock punch mentality of mindless production of bullshit products for corporations who don't give a shit about real creativity or the welfare of you and your planet. They're ruthless criminals and you're their wage slave. Fact.
And all that old ancient mariner TIME ZONES, that chop the planet into irregular twelfths - a nomadic-life country-eradicated Free Planet doesn't need that any more.
I don't necessarily care about the technicality of how Time is De-Industrialised (that's up to scientists and philosophers) but I propose Free Planet agrees on some sort of local Diversity time that relates to one's physical position on this near-spherical planet and revolves around that day's projected high point of the sun. And yes, I realize there's a technicality with extreme northerly/southerly latitudes who have only sun or no sun for several weeks of the year, but that's where the fun starts.
As a living being on Free Planet I want to be able to say, "It's two hours to the sun's high point," and it'll make sense whereever you're stood on the planet or "My son/daughter's class is from two hours before sunset to one hour before sunset, throughout the year."
That's it. Nice and simple.

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