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Free Planet TED Talks

Posted on the 14 June 2013 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Free Planet TED Talksit hasn't happened yet, but as Free Planet is the biggest global discussion point NOT BEING DISCUSSED it's only a matter of time before TEDtalk and I have a meeting to discuss the best way to bring this 'evolutionary ideal' to the masses.
What is a Free Planet?
Well, it's a bit new. It's a bit different from the world you (think you) all know about already. It's a world 'governed' by three basic principles: Creativity, Passion and Kinship. In many ways, it's where the world should have already gone: were it not for patent-fuelled repression of modern (ethical) technological solutions in favour of profit/debt-based slavery to the Corporate War Machine.
Your energy needs are catered for:
Geothermal, wind, solar, magnetic - you don't have to PAY for any of this.

Your manufacturing needs are catered for:
Resources are already accessible by the previous free energy clause.

Your intellectual needs are catered for:
You are free to study any branch of FACT you care to explore. There is no political wool pulled over the eyes, no agenda, no exploitation. Basically, whatever you set as a worthy goal (keeping in mind the ONLY rule) is totally acceptable. It's your world, after all. Your life. Your challenge.

You don't need PROFIT:
Growth is a made-up concept. How can you put a bottom-end on your valued participation in the human arc?

You don't need to work to live:
Slavery's a scam. That's how Corporations make profit, and control your time.

You don't need religion:
Mass 'mesmerism' is how Corporate Society controls and regulates the masses.

You don't need punishment or jails:
Most people who are in jail (and this also means 'factories of financial need') are victims of the above two clauses aka the need for MONEY and a warped sociological UPBRINGING.

Grow up already, people. This is your chance to use that big brain.

Now, that's a hard indictment of our Modern World but it's an accurate one. The number of people who've been 'enraged' by the recent NSA/PRISM scandal where the American Government listens in to our phone, chat, twitter, and online/social media activity, yet don't seem to care that 'even more intimate detail' is given to our medical corporations, our credit corporations, our shopping corporations on a daily basis. Data that may then be RESOLD around the world for one purpose or another. You, as a corporate bit or saleable asset i.e. worth your salt.
Where's the rhetoric? Where's the anger? Where's the 'investigation'? Well, it's being Stage Managed by those who run the RISK game that's ruining this planet, for them it's 'one rule for you, another for the players'. Members of this elite gambler's club are effectively non-disclosure-agreement REMOVED from the usual moral/ethical issues that concern mankind, they're allowed/encouraged to devolve into monsters, tacticians, criminals.
Momentum continues to grow, people continue to awaken, the seven billion individuals of Free Planet are beginning to realize (without going into the details, here) what they thought was 'their world' is being run like a game; it's just a matter of time before we, the Custodians of this planet, realize.

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