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Free Planet - Stop Profit - End Slavery

Posted on the 18 October 2014 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN

Free Planet - Stop Profit - End Slavery

not who you think it is...

"Mike, how can stopping profit end slavery?" I'm glad you asked. First, let's look at a couple of Oxford Dictionary definitions.
A financial gain, especially the difference between the amount earned and the amount spent in buying, operating, or producing something. [source OX DIC]
The practice or system of owning slaves: a condition of having to work very hard without proper remuneration or appreciation.[source OX DIC]

So, what am I selling here? Selling? Nothing. This is Free Planet, did you forget? I'm simply making a valid point by juxtaposing two essential nee fundamental ingredients to the SLC or Societal Layer Cake; the sociopaths, the clueless and the losers.
Background info: every five years or so, we the slaves are invited to vote for yet another incongruous political party who will attempt to pull at the same piece of economic string as the last shower and enslave us in a variety of set ways, in the name of the Reigning Monarch. That's all Parliament (or Congress for my American readers/followers) is, a way for the Current Owners to squeeze more revenue from their installed worker-ants.
See, although the losers and the clueless were asked to fund all the armies and participate in the wars that 'won the land from our enemies', it's still the sociopaths or slave masters who own everything and reap the rewards; benefit. And remember, all profit is calculated only after all expenses have been removed. Or don't you get it, yet?
"But I'm not a slave, Mike, I don't know where you're getting this bogus information from..." you'll say, defending your liberty, your entrepreneurship, your free market. You've never looked into the Spy Game as it pertains to the corporate world and the world of high finance and terror banking, so shut the fuck up. You'll never understand how Economic Hitmen are sent into countries to decimate their economies for future profit-mongers to bottomline the profitability out of them. Good for them, bad for you. The intel agencies are there to Protect Patents, that's all.
"But I am my own man," you'll whine like Charlie-Choc's Veruka Salt, striving for a positive self-image that doesn't involve you admitting to yourself that you're nothing more than an ass-fucked serf in an apron or raped serving maid fitting her camisole back in place before invited guests arrive to celebrate the brutal War World that will claim the lives of your children's children from under you.
You'll always look away from Your Reality™, coward.
But I'm being too harsh on you, poor slave; it's not really your fault. Your Slave Education starts at school and even before that, at the sucking teat - be a good citizen, don't rock the boat, good grades = good job. Punish the thinkers, the rebels, the non-conformists. But let's say you break your programming...
You want retribution.
You want people to blame, names named.
You're looking for culprits to punish, so who is this ruling elite?

You're an idiot. Well, you are - by design - you just don't get it. Company executives come and go all the time. Conglomerate, financing or banking roles are filled, and vacated, every day. But You The People are always there. In the slave-labour camps or company offices. In the factories, the homes, the prisons. Never benefiting from profit because you're not allowed to take out personal expenses from your slave wage. You're taxed at source, as if you have NO OVERHEADS. As if...
You're all slaves to profit because you fund everything - but you won't ever understand why. Maybe in ten, twenty or (more likely) one hundred years from now mankind will have been allowed to understand what a horrific for-profit War World our ancestors inhabited. But by then, what will humanity, what will society, what will you look like?
Only you can decide.

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