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Free Planet Simulation - One Year on - Leaderless Existence

Posted on the 30 September 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Free Planet Simulation - one year on - leaderless existenceOn exactly this date last year, the 30th of September 2010, the FREE PLANET SIMULATION went live.
The Corporate War Machine no longer exists.
Fiat financial mechanisms no longer exist.
Countries no longer exist.
Royalty no longer exists.
Prisons no longer exist.
Roads no longer exist.
Laws no longer exist.
The people are well informed.
The cities are being cleared away.
The corporations have been dissolved.
The programmes of rewilding are well under way.
The patents have been returned to You The People.
The local energy, heating, sanitation solutions work.
The floating mobile homes have been issued.
The hydroponic growing systems are online.
The GPS taxis use the military grade internet-in-space.

Since then, I've been airing the Free Planet Simulation message to anyone who'll listen - mostly on internet forums where real people with real fears and real egos live. The Free Planet blog now has 250 Followers and the idea of everyone living to protect this delicate homeworld from corporate rape and pillage in the name of PROFIT seems to be catching on...
The Free Planet free ebook is in its third edition.
The Free Planet T-shirt exists, but that's it.
The major impediment to Free Planet ever being more than just an intellectual exercise, a free-form simulation seems to be...
Anything else is just labeled as 'Communism' which is such a steaming propaganda turd from the Trojan Horse inside your brain-washed head. Here's a typical reactionist argument, "Let's say I take on your Free Planet ideal, Philbin (they always talk like this). Let's say all seven billion of us do (you should). The first person who really likes a bit of land by the sea or a bit of technology the free'd patents will allow him to make. The first person who takes OWNERSHIP of said 'asset' will start the Prison Planet counter-espionage Corporate War all over again, and we're back on step one of the ascending staircase to planetary maturity. We've instantly killed our so-called new-found freedom."
I could supply you with a List of the Ten Most Beautiful (Natural) Places in the World, and you could say, "Someone will definitely want to OWN that."
Great, I say, now take that just one logical step further, "How about OWNING the whole planet."
How about FREE PLANET (as it will soon be) belongs to us all, for free -- all's we gotta do is believe that we can make this once-ruined homeworld a better place tomorrow than it is today. What if we let that guiding phrase 'do right by free planet' guide our ego so that WE WILL ALLOW NO ONE TO SHIT ON OUR PROPERTY?
How about we take ownership of this delicate homeworld that we have allowed the Corporations to near-ruin in their amoral odyssey for GROWTH and WEALTH? It's not a question of 'ownership', it's a question of responsibility. A question of treating our fellow man and our fellow animals and our fellow planet with equal respect. A question of 'how can I best support and protect FREE PLANET'?
You start thinking like that, the Simulation will go LIVE of its own accord.

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