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Free Planet - Rogue Males - the Fertility Olympics

Posted on the 30 June 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Free Planet - rogue males - the Fertility Olympicsyou know, I've been thinking about this a lot lately, maybe there are too many of you; MEN, I mean.
Think of the lion, few males many females
Think of the apes, few males many females
Think of the ants, few males many females
Mankind is just the same as these, "Yeah I'm saying man's an ant, pedant!"
Over the decades of CONCERTED EDUCATIONAL AND CHEMICAL EFFORT on the part of our 'banker royalty' mankind has been de-masculised to the extent where many of them are nothing more than 'house husband's or 'nanny's (yeah, I watched THAT EPISODE of Friends) or 'just doughy stay-at-home layabouts' on benefits. The system is broken.
Is it now time for the male to return to a roaming re-wilded polygamous relationship with his female 'sister's?
I'm just wondering if, once Free Planet is activated, and it will be, sooner than we all think, we shouldn't have some sort of Global Sustainability Ceremonies where we all support and fund 'the winner' (however that's competitively chosen) sharing his genes with 100 or 1,000 women every year. Capitalistic Growth via mindless sexual reproduction (or even worse the sex industry) has become this inexorable financial device in our lives, like fiat currency.
I also mean, "Would a 'whore' or 'street hooker' open her legs like that, for a man? Would a woman expose herself to strangers like that on video chatlines and do those things with 'her toys' like that? If there were no MONEY, no pitiful financial rent-paying bill-paying reward involved?"
I mean, come on - not only does a FREE PLANET eradicate most (if not all) money-based crime, it also encourages women to stop whoring their asses on some street corner so they can payroll some murderous fucking pimp, or drug habit, or stay-at-home dad.
The Big Question is, "What competition would bring out the best in the Free Planet human geneline? When we're thinking of projecting our geneline into the future, haven't the royals proven that 'breeding' incurs a freak cost? Shouldn't we encourage multi-cultural or coffee-coloured children?" yeah, that's three questions, I guess...
And while I'm rambling, Contraception - I mean we all love sex, right? We don't wanna stop doing it on a Free Planet, in fact we'll probably want to INTEGRATE IT INTO OUR SOCIETY a little more. Will some clever Free Planet scientist please come up with a more ethical solution than a rubber sheath (poison and porous) or tablets (poison and pointless) or abstention (shudders)?

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