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Free Planet - Protect the Innocent

Posted on the 22 July 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Free Planet - protect the innocentwe all understand this phrase, "Protect the innocent," and its relation to babies in cribs and new-born lambs but it's not just about 'baa-baas and the waa waas'.
PROTECT THE INNOCENT should be a catch-all phrase that can be applied to not only those who have yet to learn the application of the world's evil but also the victims of any crime on this corporate planet.
Protect The Innocent can be applied to plants and animals, too. And that's the reason we (should) look after our environment, the plant life and the animals, protect them from the ravages of a world deluded by the GREAT BIG Corporate Lie.
But Protect The Innocent can also relate to the legions of Sheople, slaves to their corporate phones. A brain-washed congregation lost in the world of virtual riches.
As a writer who's delved into 'Conspiracy Theories' I realise that you can never PROVE or DISPROVE such, beyond-reasonable-doubt; optimistically circumstantial is the best you'll get. I also understand that if you probe too deeply into the amazing convolutions of the NEED TO KNOW three-letter-agency game for your view of reality, you soon find yourself tumbling into a pit of virtual vipers and nothing will be as it seems on your journey down. Very quickly you'll hit the slithering floor of out-there-ness supported by the likes of Alan Watt who, though his heart seems to be in the right place, his message seems just too New World Order Eugenics Warlords, too tin-foil-hatty, too indigestible for Joe Public sitting at home with a beer after work wondering if there's anything good on the goggle box tonight.
Literally, in recent decades, it appears that the most important quality this world has been drumming into its children is, "Make as much money as you can as fast as you can. Be ruthless. Take no prisoners." Our infantile society is saturated with this gormless advice to the detriment of regulatory common sense. Make more. Grow fast. Monopolise.
But this teaches our children, and the parents they become, to NOT ASK REAL QUESTIONS. This is what I mean by 'protect the innocent', it is time for YOU THE PEOPLE to start asking real questions. Questions relevant to Creativity, Passion and Kinship. Questions relevant to leaderless evolution, planetary custodianism and ethical local patent-free solutions to life. Questions relevant to how you might want YOUR WORLD to work.
And it is ONLY your world, never theirs.

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