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Free Planet - ONE CHILD IS ENOUGH CHILDREN - the Facts.

Posted on the 06 May 2013 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Free Planet - ONE CHILD IS ENOUGH CHILDREN - the facts.So, you love that woman, you made her your wife; you had a child together.
There's nothing more needs to be done. This is a Free Planet, at this point you are near-immmortal - you have the best food, shelter and services you could imagine. You certainly don't need SEVEN OR EIGHT more kids for tenant-austerity reasons or for benefit-system scamming reasons. There's nothing more to prove here. You did your job, and the result is amazing.
In fact, "If we all pair up, like all of us, just take a partner and have just one kid," in no more than a few generations, there'll be just enough of us for the planet to fulfill its function to SUSTAIN ALL LIFE and we will no longer be a VIRAL BURDEN on this near-ruined planet's limited resources.
Of the seven billion people alive today, a maximum of three billion people will be best-suited to indulge in the Mixing of the Genes ceremony. Not BREEDING and not PEDIGREE (because we all know what sort of illegitimate freaks that delivers to the dog world) but fruitfulness and prime combinations of living bodies representing the best of the best. Those three billion people should immediately renounce all religious, economical and geographical borders if they wanna seed their loins. And not all of them will, which is a relief. If only there was a test for MGC or Maximum Genetic Compatibility or something... That way we'd get the healthiest genemix for a future mankind.
I mean, look at how successful the Slave Trade was at 'generating sporting body types' ... okay, okay, the slave trade was AN AWFUL ABOMINATION that should never be repeated but it reinforced the idea  that 'royal in-breeding generates weaklings' and 'a more cosmopolitan mix of the genetypes' creates a human lineage more able to pass its genes on to its children.
Critics always forget that Free Planet isn't just about coming into my house and putting your dirty boots on my table. Free Planet isn't about THE RIGHT TO DO WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT with your time here on Earth. It's about responsibility to your homeworld, and not shitting all over it with so-called 'personal choice' and 'me me me'. It's about being alive, and aware. It's about a mobile race of intelligent human beings able to properly cope with all the life (and Nature) throws at them, able to learn and love.
And (remember) it's not about your NAME, your FAMILY or your HEREDITY, that's just propaganda fed to you by the Tax Authorities to ensure your continued adherence to the corporate FOR PROFIT lie.  Forget your name, it's just a name. Choose a better one, like American Indians used to do once they'd earned the right. Choose a Free Planet name such as, Makes Better Power Units, Takes Time To Love, Is Considerate To Others, Fixes Floating Homes, Thinks Deeply, Feels With Intensity... how about Brings Up A Child Better.
You know, considerate parenting, constructive and creative child care instead of fobbing off your spawn onto the Nanny State while you kill yourselves earning profit for slave drivers.
Muslims and Christians, Russians and Americans, Northern and Southern hemisphere; all these people need to come together and rejuvenate the segregated weakling geneline. The three billion who reside outside this genemix are the children yet to mature and the matured yet to pass on. And it really is just a numbers game at the reality end of the life spectrum. Is this looking like a 'truly alien' or 'sociopathic' way to look at reproduction to you guys yet?
And (remember 2) it's our children's children who'll benefit from a Free Planet, not us.
DO RIGHT BY Free Planet and "quit your bigotted rutting", get your International-on!

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