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Free Planet Novel - FINAL FIRST DRAFT

Posted on the 29 March 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Free Planet novel - FINAL FIRST DRAFTThree years in the preparation and just about six months in the writing, the Free Planet novel is at the stage where I'm happy to call it a FINAL FIRST DRAFT; currently at 72,000 words after culling some superfluous/clichéd alternative endings but confidently 75/80,000 words by the time I've rewritten and embellished certain chapters to completion.
Yes, the Free Planet novel's been through many iterations, many false starts, many narrative calamities and structural reworkings, but that's because THIS IS NOT AN EASY SUBJECT to deal with as either a writer or one of the seven billion sovereign individuals who are the Custodians of Free Planet.
You, me, all of us; it's our world and we have to protect it from PROFIT, from ASSET STRIPPING, from financial/intellectual ~ISMS or game playing RISK.
We have to explore REAL LOCAL SOLUTIONs to everyday problems on a global scale - we have to chaaange like no race has ever been asked to change.
Our first step to the stars.

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