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Free Planet - NEO-ECOISM - Living Within Our Means

Posted on the 21 October 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Free Planet is not necessarily about inventing new words like NEO-ECOISM, but it is about LIVING WITHIN OUR MEANS.
Government debt shows us that we cannot live within our means.
Financial derivative debt shows us that we cannot live within our means.
Outsourcing (the destruction of one economy for future plundering) shows us that we cannot live within our means.
One thing that the industrial/financial theorists of this planet always forget to do is take into account what we are and where we are; I'll spell it out for you if you don't get this bit.
That's it.
That's all we are.
Take a look at the gormless journalist and strategist Rachel Marsden in this morning's episode of Cross Talk, look at her solution to the Occupy The World movement, "They should all forget Wall Street. They should all just go home and get a job."
Is she living in cloud cuckoo land? Job scarcity is BUILT INTO the growth model of industrial finance. An economist said it on TV the other day, wish I'd have caught his name, he said,"When there's a dip in one part of a global economy, it means there's a peak in another part."  it never truly flat-lines, it just gets shifted.
That's because of our FINITE SIZE.
Economist aren't thick, they're just juggling a finite series of values and alloting them out where they see fit for the local situation; be it Corporate War Machine, be it Leaderless Existence.
It's time all seven billion of us started protecting our LIMITED RESOURCE, our Free Planet, from those who would use it for their own egotistical/political/financial gain, and share it with ALL THE OTHER LIFEFORMS on this planet of supposed Diversity.
This planet we all live on isn't just some paid-for bullet in the barrel of a gun, it's not just for us to shoot off whenever we want. This planet is ours, and by that I mean it's HOME for every living, thinking feeling thing. Every form of life. That's how we get to Heaven. Once we realize that, we can have Heaven On Earth.
Why don't you'all see that?

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