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Free Planet - Militaristically Incentivised to Overthrow

Posted on the 09 July 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Free Planet - Militaristically Incentivised to Overthrowthose of you who've read my 2008 novel BUKKAKEWORLD I'm really not a fan of the dog-eat-dog mentality as extolled (politically worshipped) by tedious media events like THE APPRENTICE. In truth, I'm as equally un-enthusiastic about the practise of using My Charitable License Fee payment to make humiliating TV like Eastenders and Weakest Link, too.
I mean, "What sort of moral compass are we ab-using these days?"
Have we forgotten what our parents tried to teach us when we were little more than demanding children? SHARE AND SHARE ALIKE.
How is it that this simple rule has been usurped by an education system where we are (literally) Military Incentivised to Overthrown our Enemies; lop of the weak limb, snap the weak link from the chain?
"You want something, you gotta fight for it." things like that have crippled our empathic capacity in the name of stupid PROFIT.
Capitalising on our resources.
Eradicating the competition.
Cornering the market.
Though these may seem (within the boundaries of the ABSTRACT GAME called Capitalism) to be virtuous tactics in the Corporate War for World Domination, they're really not.
Share and share alike, what would that look like today? What would a Native American POTLATCH system look like today?
Mankind thinks he has a right to own, a right to defend, a right to rule. But this is just a SIMPLE LIE he's been taught, by successive generations of Empire thinking, is the truth. Just stop. For one minute, stop. And think about a world where an individual doesn't OWN anything but we all SHARE everything.

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