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Posted on the 25 January 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Free Planet - MESSAGE FROM THE FUTUREDear inhabitants of Free Planet,
you might not have realised when you put your hands up in your billions to BANISH the concept COUNTRY from your vocabulary, but it really worked.
Without COUNTRY, there were no borders you felt compelled to protect.
Without COUNTRY, there were no rulers to fight in the name of.
Without COUNTRY, there was no-one to hate or belittle.
With no borders to protect, with no ruler to fight for and with no one to hate or belittle, you agreed (as a global race) to get on with your lives, explore real diversity and work out ways between you to bring this planet back from the brink of ruin. Banning government and disbanding the Corporate War Machine, that was a master stroke. And so obvious, once you put your mind to it. Well done.
I'm looking out at this healing landscape tonight, from the window of my SILENT floating modular home. The fields are growing again, the beasts have returned in their hundreds of thousands (grazers and hunters) and even new species are flourishing in the plugging up of murder hole left by man's insane urge to consume all. I love this panorama so much and time is always LOCAL, it's so great to see how far we've come, as a race.
Without COUNTRY, you became a ruthless global populace who suffered no fools, protected no clandestine secrets and decided to make this homeworld the most amazing PLACE IN THE UNIVERSE. You wouldn't believe how unworthy this endless war planet used to be. Well done, my Free Planet friends, I love living in a world based on Creativity, Passion and Kinship. We can go anywhere we like, we do anything we want, we are anything we care to and we're all inspired to make this planet the best place to bring up our future children.
It's in our collective interest to shine this homeworld like it's never shone before. Vibrant, exciting and yes dangerous - but that's what humanity needs, life. Living, again, after decades of Consumerist Slumber where we were told how to think and when to breathe. Why didn't we do this millennia ago? Anyway, cheers, guys, you did the right thing breaking the chains of your corporate slavery.

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