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Free Planet Means Disaster Preparedness.

Posted on the 30 June 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Free Planet means Disaster Preparedness.Let me try to explain:
FREE PLANET isn't just about 'not paying for the basics the Earth (in her anthropomorphised wisdom) is set up to do, as default.
What, you didn't know this?
You didn't know that you're not supposed to pay for food, clothing, shelter, water, sewage, composting, travel, thinking, friendship, communication, sport, emergencies?
Yeah, and that's not even it: that's not even why we're here. That ... that's something we Humans have named Empire; philosophical or financial Empire.
And it's not only ruining our planet, it's making us unable (incapable) of dealing with the myriad of threats this Solar System throws at us.
Never forget that THE SUN(a variable star)RULES our lives here on Free Planet: we're ill prepared for her  anthropomorphised wrath, or temperament, or prowess.
I'm using the word 'anthropomorphised' here a lot this post to show ho We Humans impose human traits onto the world, onto nature, onto even inanimate objects like the Earth, the Moon, the Planets, the Stars. This can be FUN, but it's not TRUE. It's a game we play; like the Financial Game we play (or allowed to be played, by tacit agreement) in the name of PROFIT.
And you're COMPLETELY BLIND(have been blinded) to the fact that MOST CRIME(as we call it, on this planet) is a result of THE NEED TO MAKE MONEY, find money, steal money, more more money all the time for even our most basic of needs; while all around us (our Mother)Nature supplies everything the Human Race, everything ALL THE MULTIPLICITY OF SPECIES, will ever need.
Anyway, back to the theme of this post - DISASTER PREPAREDNESS:
Why is this important?
Well, though you may not be able to physically DO anything if our Sun goes SUPERNOVA, mankind can be ready, willing and able to deal with the rising (or falling) sea levels, storms or tornadoes, eruptions of lava, powerful earthquakes, tsunamis, electromagnetic space storms, meteorite strikes, wars ... and other such Natural Occurences that we currently leave in the hands of our Governments; the Empire made Statute.
If we all agreed that it was time to live on what I've optimistically called a FREE PLANET, we might have better strategies for surviving such 'catastrophies, natural or man-made'; ways (and permission) to move away from drought-stricken or war-torn areas, ways to deal with any new strain of disease, ways to JUST GET BY without needing the Empire to rebuild our roads for us, fix our sewers for us, repair our cities for us, feed us; we'll no longer be prisoners in our own homes because of Financial Terrorism with a cancer-like GROWTH goal.
We can be free, to survive; and thrive: and allow the Diversity of Nature to redevelop, recoup and regenerate.
Think of it this way; Empire can not care for you, unless you work for it.
Empire needs YOU, not you it.

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