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Free Planet - I Am Dead Soon.

Posted on the 15 August 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Free Planet - I am dead's as simple as that.
Say it.
Say, "I am dead soon."
Okay, it's a bit morbid. But nothing will happen to you, not right away. I mean, you won't suddenly feel chronically suicidal or you won't be targeted for government assassination or you won't get reckless or anything. That's not how the world you live in works.
But something will happen if you keep reminding yourself, "I am dead soon."
Our mortality is just something we're conditioned to avoid; to laugh at, to mock, to deny. Look at people who deal with death every day in their jobs; nurses, soldiers, coroners, psychopaths... Death is nothing to these people. Just a task, some of which recieve a payment.
"I am dead soon." Try saying it right now - before you read on. You might not like it at first, it'll feel wrong, something you shouldn't be concerned about. But you're on your way to ULTIMATE TRUTH and accepting this ultimate truth is your first step on the road to becoming a real human beings, a custodian of Free Planet.
And how is that, exactly, Mike?
Have you ever tripped on a colour? And by this I mean, before you go out to the shops or for a walk in the park with your dog or for a drink with your mates to a football game to the police station to get your clamped car back... before you do any or all of that, think COLOUR.
Have a go.
Choose a colour. Got one? Right, this is what happens. You leave your 'normal' surroundings where everything about THE REAL YOU is irrelevant to your participation in the game. This is 'really' how organised society works. You are nothing but a programmed drone unit with a back-breaking schedule doing menial assigned tasks - even if you'r coming up with a solution to 'what happened before the Big Bang'. You're a tool, something hopefully sharp that can hopefully chop down some wood for someone else.
Think of colour. I'll help you along. Orange. Think of the colour Orange. And see how you react to that old lady on the street corner, see how you relate to that big dog, see how you relate to that gang of kids, that jogger, that shop assistant, that policeman. It doesn't even matter what the colour is, just choose one. Orange is a dice role, so let's roll with it. With orange in your forebrain, you'll be too occupied by the act of finding the Orange-pattern (that's what the forebrain does) that your whole world will alter, become orange-scented, orange-sounding, orange-pregnant. It'll happen right before your eyes. A different world will gestate within the usually-cloaked-to-you world you inhabit; at one point a birthing will take place and you'll notice shit you never thought worth consideration.
Now, after that, after you've seen the Orange world. Do the same thing again, but keep this phrase in your head, "I am dead soon."
Things like job and home and country and debt and boss and responsibility and ego and planning for our future and investing in oil and bilding empires... how do those things sound to you now? How does wasting your life moving one cube from conveyor belt to box sound? Feel like your life has real meaning? You are dead soon.
"I am dead soon."

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