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Free Planet - Human Waste Management Solutions - It's Just a Load of Shit Talkin

Posted on the 01 February 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Free Planet - Human Waste Management Solutions - it's just a load of shit talkinA-hahahahaha, H.W.M.S. it's not a clever acronym even though it sounds like a nice global corporation, eh? It could even have a nice clean, lincoln green(?) uniform, eh? They'd all have brown arms, and it wouldn't be from the sun, eh? Eh?
Human Waste Management Solutions.
But seriously, there's a lot of shit out there, this post included, eh? You know what I mean, you frisky foxes. Maybe, in the distant past, when there were only a few million people on the planet, a shit pit in the woods, or, for the larger village, a Roman sewer, were sufficient. You go to the toilet then you use a small amount of drinking water to flush that shit down a tube to ... where?
A shit tube to where?
Now most of the planet has people all over it. All these people shit a lot, all day long. SEVEN BILLION PEOPLE shitting about 3 kilos per week? 21 BILLION kilos of shit per week? Where does it all go? Where can it all go? How useful can all this shit be, in terms of agricultural produce and benefit to Free Planet? And if it's not useful, until we've all totally detoxed the earth from all the Big Pharma and Big Agri and Big Geo-Engi heavy metals and chemical and biogenetic poisons, what are the IMMEDIATE TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS we can apply to the problem?
Quite frankly, right now, I wouldn't grow spuds with my own POISONED shit. And I eat quite healthily - but I'm still giving out toxic turds, we all are. My body is, your bodies are, still being attacked by corporate-profit bio-chemistry, whether I/we like it or not. No matter how hard I try to detox my life, it's in the air, it's in the water, it's in the beasts of the field, the rivers and oceans and the soil.
Seriously, would you accept food that's been poisoned by other people's poisoned shit?
I think Free Planet really needs to start thinking of local solutions for the Human Waste Management Solutions aspect of SEVEN BILLION PEOPLE trying to 'do the right thing' with our waste that's not the shit equivalent of the stupidest idea mankind has ever come up with, LAND FILL.
Washing up liquid, washing detergent, shampoo, chip fat, sugar, nitrates, hormones for cattle, jet fuel in the air, sewage in the sea, manufacturing effluent in our rivers, the list just goes on... we're now eating total garbage that's actually better at killing us than CORPORATE WORLD WAR.
What would a FREE PLANET, where humanity tries to incorporate nature into any of its technological cleverness, allow?
Any real ideas out there?
Could we have a decent local water solution that doesn't involve poisonous plastic bottles, or toxic aluminum and fluorides and other 'birth control' additives - yeah, we know about Ecoscience's eugenics population solutions but that's NOT WHAT WE WANT.
We want our Free Planet, again. Now, how do we achieve that? We're all adults, though our countries treat us like children. We want our planet back, like it was always intended. Yeah, like (your) God intended, if that makes you feel any better. You believe in a GOD? You a christian? a protestant? a buddhist? a sikh? a muslim? a baptist? a hindu? a taoist? a believer in God of any flavour? Well, I'd imagine you'd understand the concept of Free Planet more than, say, an atheist. You got God to empower your conviction that the world was given to you FOR FREE.
What are God-fearing believers doing PAYING A GLOBAL CORPORATE WAR STRUCTURE to allow them to live on a Free Planet?
Even though I don't love the abstract "God" and instead love the actual "Free Human", even I can see the common sense in the statement THIS IS A FREE PLANET. This is a place where, if we're no longer going to pollute indiscriminately in the name of PROFIT, so that even our shit is poison, we can all benefit from Earth's bounty.
So, SHIT, it's a really big question, but more important than 'doing the right thing with it' is cleaning up the planet so that we can ACTUALLY ALL PUT OUR SHIT TO GOOD USE.
What's wrong with you shrinking violets? Even the Pope shits. Even Queen Elizabeth shits. Even Barack Obama shits. But they're all TOXIC, fact. We need to clean up the planet so that we can put our shit to good use. I'd then be proud to grow spuds with the Pope's, the Queen's and any President's turds.
The only real difference would be NO ONE'S GONNA RULE A FREE PLANET, so those roles are DEFUNCT.
Read my lips, at the end of this shit thread, CORPORATE POSITIONS OF GLOBAL POWER are defunct as soon as all seven billion people realize that's what they want. We can CLEAN UP THIS PLANET right now, to suit our own global agenda of DO RIGHT BY FREE PLANET and it'll do right by all of us.

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