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Free Planet - Hands off Our Limited Resources!

Posted on the 17 June 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Free Planet -  hands off our limited resources!see that image there, a crowd of helping hands lifting up our planet.
Is that what's really happening here?
Are hundreds of huge corporations really helping support our planet OR is it more likely that this image could be used to show the rape and tearing and pillaging of our earthly resources in the name of PROFIT.
Look at it. Look at the image again. What do you see? Do you see the earth trying to float away from the many ZOMBIE LIKE hands of Corporate Finance, Banking, Mortgage and Debt reaching up for THEIR SHARE OF THE GLOBAL PIE?
That's how I see it. And now is the time for all of us to awaken to the Game. The earth is only so big. Everybody knows it's a limited resource pan. So, what happens when PRIVATE CONCERN 'own's the majority of it?
YOU THE PEOPLE don't get to enjoy it as you should. Many of you probably think it's not my God-given right (as an atheist) to try to preach to the masses, but you're wrong. This is not about preaching. This is not about God. This is not about any written laws.
It's about COMMON SENSE. Why are you paying for food, shelter and water? It's all there, provided by the Earth for your careful consumption. Why do you need SO MANY (consumerist) CHILDREN? Is it to protect your NAME through history, like the Royals used to do? Will you murder your one daughter to that you can have a son? How insane has the world become.
If you have already a daughter (or a son) cherish them and show them how the world needs PROTECTING FROM CORPORATE WARS FOR ASSET AND PROFIT. Show your one child the way a Free Planet could work, show him how ethical technology can help mankind to bring NATURE back from the brink. It's all doable, just quit rutting for thirty years... I've quoted fifty years in the past, but thirty years would be a good start.
Or practice VOLUNTARY ONE CHILD families. It's all gonna help. Let your friends and neighbours take the place of the 'brothers and sisters' you think you'll miss. If all the world becomes ONE BIG FAMILY protecting their beautiful homeworld from the ravages of Consumerism and Conglomeratism then we all benefit.
No one loses.

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